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He started from scratch. Today, he has become the owner of the bakery supplying 60 shops, including two of the company stores, in bread and bakery produce on a 200sq km area. Miroslaw Zubicki is not going to stop.

He tries to be everywhere. If he is needed, he helps on the production line, supervises accountancy or watches the quality of his produce. There is always something to be done.

"Our bread is very specific. Our customers travel long distance to buy few loaves. Even when they go on holiday to Poland, they buy some to show their families what a fantastic bakery they have here" says Miroslaw revealing that the secret lays in the old recipe from the 1970s. Contrary to modern bakeries that use artificial ingredients, Miroslaw uses a natural sourdough in his produce. He does agree that it requires longer working hours (up to 16 and not 2 as in a standard production), but the result is very impressive.

According to Mr Zubicki, people are not aware that every individual needs to choose the bread they eat basing on their preferences and ingredients of the produce, especially the sourdough which affects the smell and taste of the bread as well as the functioning of our natural gut flora.

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